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Frozen products for Europe

Here at FRoSTA AG in Bremerhaven on the German North Sea coast, we produce the frozen products that we supply to distributors all over Europe. Most of FRoSTA AG remains in family ownership. Our mission is simple: to do the best for our customers!

Our business is based on the rapid implementation of new nutritional trends, continuing innovation, a strategic approach to quality, and a relationship with customers that is fair and mutually rewarding. We speak the same language as the small, medium-sized and large international companies we serve.

Our product portfolio encompasses fish products, ready meals, pan-fried vegetables, mixed vegetable, herbs, fruit and dough-based products. We also produce some of these as organic products.

Many of our vegetables and herbs, for example, are grown on our own farms in close cooperation with our contract farmers in the Rhine Valley and the Elbe Valley. Because we work with natural food products, we have made sustainability and environmental protection the cornerstones of our business. And our experience in these areas goes back to 1905!

FRoSTA Foodservice

Frozen convenience foods for the out-of-home and industrial catering markets.


Frosta Foodservice GmbH is a subsidiary of FRoSTA AG, based in Bremerhaven, Germany. We are the frozen food specialist within FRoSTA AG for the out-of-home and industrial sectors. In creating and producing our range of frozen convenience products, we take full account of the individual requirements of these special customer groups.

In addition to our large range of convenience products, including high-quality

  • burger patties
  • ready meals
  • fish products
  • mixed vegetables
  • herbs
  • pan-fried vegetables
  • fruit
  • dough-based products,

we develop special products to meet the catering needs of many user groups, such as sauce pellets and coated pasta from our own fresh pasta production facility.


We maintain close dialogue with all kinds of different users of our products in order to fully understand the market requirements and then use these as the basis for new product developments. All of our products are therefore also characterised by a high level of user-friendliness and guaranteed success. For example, the products developed for preparation in the combi steamer are ready in next to no time and require no added fat, thus saving time, money and calories.

Aspects such as

  • Product portionability
  • Equalisation for precise calculations
  • Time savings thanks to a high level of convenience
  • Uneven shapes for a home-made look for the products
  • Excellent raw ingredients
  • Creative recipes and
  • Economical preparation methods

are important to users in the field of bulk catering and are prioritised in our product development. What’s more, the breadth of our frozen foods range and the large number of products within each of the various range sections offer users a variety of creative combination options.

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MSC seal

The use of raw MSC products is FRoSTA's answer to the growing demand for high quality, sustainable products.


Carbon footprint

We have now calculated the carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production of 10 of our products.  The results may surprise you. You can find them here: