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Modern food that’s perfect for carb-conscious nutrition

They look like spaghetti, but they are actually the perfect low-carb alternative to normal pasta. Carrots and yellow and green courgettes cut into long, thin strips and rolled up into single-vegetable nests to serve as the ideal basis for your own modern cuisine creations. Rustle up yellow Zoodles con funghi, for example, with fried mushrooms, aromatic onions and parsley. Or how’s about Caroodles® alla ricotta with roasted walnuts, honey, tarragon and fresh ricotta cheese? ‘GET CREATIVE’ is our motto for the trendy Zoodles & Caroodles® vegetable nests.

Use Zoodles & Caroodles® on their own to create your own modern dishes or offer Zoodles & Caroodles® in the form of two high-convenience ready meals:

Vegetables with original roux

Three popular vegetable varieties in a creamy sauce just like grandma used to make – now also for the food service industry and prepared quickly and easily in the combi steamer. FRoSTA Creamed Vegetables Farmer`s Style, FRoSTA Creamed Brussels Sprouts classic and FRoSTA Creamed Savoy Cabbage classic. Vegetables with original roux made with fine butter and wheat flour and refined with lashings of fresh cream. A classic with real trend potential!

Creamy and delicious –
professional risotto for the combi steamer

Risotto dishes are very popular, but their preparation involves too much work for a commercial kitchen so these dishes are rarely offered. But this is now changing with FRoSTA’s new professional risottos: Professional Ready-Made Risotto, Professional Ready-Made Risotto alla Milanese and Professional Ready-Made Cauliflower Risotto-Style – cauliflower finely chopped to look like rice as the perfect support for carb-conscious nutrition (Lucky Carb). Three ready-seasoned risotto varieties. Perfect for larger quantities prepared in the combi steamer, perfect for individual portions cooked in the microwave, perfect as the basis for your own creations such as a fine mushroom risotto.

Three new varieties for even greater flavour variety

New to the range of ten vegetarian and six vegan stir-fry vegetable varieties with international flair are FRoSTA Patatas Bravas Mediterranean, FRoSTA Stir-Fry Vegetables with beans herb butter style and FRoSTA Stir-Fry Vegetables beetroot and sweet potato. The recipe for the Asian-style stir-fry vegetables is also new and is now called FRoSTA Stir-Fry Asia Vegetables Pak Choi. All the new products in this range developed specifically for commercial kitchens and the food service industry share the traits of featuring coarsely cut vegetables and modern recipes, being ready-seasoned and looking handmade.

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