Quality and safety

We make no compromises on product safety and quality of flavour

We have the highest standards when it comes to the taste, aroma and appearance of our products. As a matter of principle, we offer a full and natural flavour by using fresh ingredients together with traditional food manufacturing processes. We always say no to any form of colouring and flavouring agents as well as flavour enhancers.
Our top priority is to ensure maximum product quality and safety. This can be seen in the following areas:

  • Our certification – from ISO 9001 to IFS, BRC Standards and ABCERT organic certification
  • Our HACCP concept
  • Our cutting-edge production facilities in four factories
  • Our metal detectors and X-ray control systems
  • Our own label, o.K.-Plus, which is awarded to more than 90 per cent of our products


We act on the basis of sustainable principles – while ensuring superior quality

It goes without saying that we see sustainability as part of our day-to-day philosophy and not as a mere catchword. The standards we have established for ourselves include:

  • Fish products certified by the MSC almost without exception and also single-frozen
  • Fruit and vegetables mainly field-grown (no air transport or greenhouse vegetables)
  • Use of solar power for deep-freezing
  • Constant reduction of CO2 emissions from in-house production

Sustainably produced ingredients and an unspoilt environment are basic requirements of the work we do. We are committed to protecting the natural world in our day-to-day work. For example, we require our suppliers in the packaging industry, meat production and vegetable farming to improve their CO2 balance, just as we do.

Carbon footprint

The carbon footprint of FRoSTA Foodservice products

Frozen food and climate protection – hearing these two topics together might seem strange. After all, a lot of energy is needed to put our food into a deep freeze. We wanted to know some precise facts and figures, which is why we became the first food manufacturer in Germany to take part in the Product Carbon Footprint pilot project, which determines the carbon footprint of companies. The carbon footprint of our products is a calculation of CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases – and the results are impressive. You can read detailed information about our climate report here.
To date, FRoSTA Foodservice has had ten products tested for CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases. A detailed summary is available for you to review in this PDF file.

Certified sustainable fishery

We help to conserve fish diversity

FRoSTA uses almost exclusively fish and seafood from sustainable, MSC-certified fisheries. The use of MSC raw ingredients is also FRoSTA’s solution to ever-growing demands in terms of ecologically sound products that also offer high quality.


Our seal with a PLUS for safety

A ‘clean’ ingredients list is now a matter of course for us, and we make all of our products using clean-label recipes. This means that they do not contain any additives that need to be declared on restaurant menus. Additionally, more than 90 per cent of our products now also bear our o.K.-Plus seal. This means that they are free of additives that need to be declared as well as artificial flavours and yeast extract.

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MSC seal

The use of raw MSC products is FRoSTA's answer to the growing demand for high quality, sustainable products.


Carbon footprint

We have now calculated the carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production of 10 of our products.  The results may surprise you. You can find them here:

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